The sale has now ended. You can still donate to support India, via Mission Oxygen.

India is battling through one of the world’s deadliest surges of the COVID-19 pandemic with the death toll continuing to rise relentlessly. On Saturday 1 May, there were a record 401,993 new cases and 3,523 deaths. The world's second most populous nation is in deep crisis, with hospitals and morgues completely overwhelmed.

Art For India is an online print sale to raise urgent funds for India’s COVID-19 relief, supporting Mission Oxygen.

Renowned artists from India, the diaspora and friends have united around this urgent cause, donating some of their most loved and striking imagery. Artists including Bharat Sikka, Prarthna Singh, Kalpesh Lathigra, Ashish Shah and Avani Rai have all donated photographs for the sale. 

Prints are £100 each, plus shipping. The sale will be live for one week, until 9th May 2021.100% of proceeds (less printing and shipping cost) will be donated to Mission Oxygen's appeal. 

Mission Oxygen is a group of 250+ entrepreneurs in India who have launched an urgent operation to import oxygen concentrators and distribute them to hospitals across India. 

The Art for India sale has been organised by London-based Indians, Heta Fell and Vivek Vadoliya, with Danielle Pender. If you have any queries relating to your print, please email hetafell@gmail.com. 

As the UK (hopefully) emerges from the worst of its own crisis, seeing the news from India has been devastating and deeply affecting us all – we are grateful to the artists for joining us in this important cause and hopeful that each print sold can make a small but meaningful difference in lessening the tragedy of this situation.

Thank you so much for your support, it means a great deal. 

Heta, Vivek and Danielle x 

The sale has now ended. You can still donate to support India, via Mission Oxygen.